Using a lively, interactive & customizable format,
takes students on an historical journey eXploring
the african american experience through
folk song, gospel, jazz & poetry

Aperio presents an exciting educational program entitled Jambalaya! to benefit elementary and middle school students in the Houston Independent School District. Gospel vocalist Barbara Tucker and pianist Michael Pickett engage students on an historical journey exploring the African-American experience told through folk song, gospel, jazz and evocative poetry. This interactive and collaborative program will get your students singing from their seats!

The Jambalaya! experience can be customized to fit the school environment, presented as a one-time visit in concert format or as a classroom presentation. Alternatively, a brief four-visit, collaborative performance residency includes rehearsals with your school’s choir, culminating in a joyous interactive performance for the entire student body.

Technical requirements for this event are rather simple. The artists will need a piano and two microphones to perform the basic program. If necessary, the artists can provide an electronic keyboard for the performance. Additional instruments and singers may be provided at the school's request.

Presenting campuses may qualify for partial to complete program underwriting provided through a combination of generous support from the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) Touring Artist Roster Program and ARTS CONNECT Houston, which offers generous subsidies for designated HISD campuses. Please contact us to see if your school qualifies for this generous underwriting!


Daniel Saenz, DMA
Outreach Coordinator
Aperio, Music of the Americas

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