Sean Krissman, clarinet; Hunter Cappoccioni, bass

Sean Krissman, clarinet; Hunter Cappoccioni, bass

Vibrant Alternative American Works | January 25, 2014

Zilkha Hall | The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts


BLUE PACIFIC by Michael Torke


Piano Trio No. 1 “Nicky’s Trio”, III. Mobile by Carter Pann

In a program that explores the blurred boundary between popular culture and contemporary art music, Aperio's musicians capture the spirit of American rock and roll, popular song, jazz, and minimalism in works by Michael Torke, John Mackey, Carter Pann, D.J. Sparr and Radiohead.  This collection of recent chamber music represents a younger vanguard of composers whose music speaks to a broad audience.  Exuberant and colorful, this is music that blazes a new path in contemporary music and seduces the audience to follow.


TORKE -  The Yellow Pages; Blue Pacific

MACKEY - Breakdown Tango

SPARR - The Glam Seduction

PANN - Piano Trio No. 1, "Nicky's Trio"

RADIOHEAD/O'RILEY - Subterranean Homesick Alien; Karma Police; Airbag


Judy Dines, flute

Christian Schubert, Sean Krissman, clarinet

Chloe Trevor, Kirsten Yon, violin

Daniel Saenz, Patrick Moore, cello

Luke Hubley, percussion

Brendan Kinsella, Michael Zuraw, piano

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